Candle Light

By the flash of candle light
I write this for you
By the flash of candle light
I pray that you are well
By the flash of candle light
I walk these halls alone
By the flash of candle light
I sing you love songs and lullabies
By the flash of candle light
I wish you make your way to me
By the flash of candle light
I wish you make your trip safety to the other side

Thinking Of You

Thinking of you is sometimes too painful to do
Thinking of you makes me smile when I am blue
Thinking of you takes me back to a time when I was true
Thinking of you is a delight to do
Thinking of you makes my heart arch and shake
Thinking of you makes my heart sing a soulful tune
Thinking of you…….
Thinking of you now gone, is so hard to do


I miss my homeland of heat and wind

Tanning my borrow into golden skin

I miss the sea salt blowing upon the wind

Carrying with it scents of hopes and dreams

I miss the waves crushing upon the shores

Bringing with them bottles filled with love

I miss the palm trees waving in the breeze

Shaking their bodies to the beat of my drum

I miss the cries of the seabirds

Welcoming me back like the cries of a loved one

I miss my homeland of heat and wind

Oh how I miss it like the embrace of a loved one

A Great Britain?

Max Thomas Scribbles

A beer in his hand and fright in his eyes,
‘Go back where you come from and don’t say goodbye.’
He’s proud of his land and its Great British past,
‘You’re taking our jobs’, as I listen aghast.
Unemployed yes of course, who would hire this man?
‘Go straight back to India perhaps Pakistan.’
No one defends the Sri-Lankan gent,
‘We don’t want you here’, his fists look intent.

By this point I’m fuming, the dark fills my eyes,
Pulse racing, heart thumping, I stand up and rise.
‘Look at the Carlsberg you hold in your hand,
It’s from Copenhagen, no Great British brand.
Our sausages German and pizza from Italy,
Our curry from India..’ he shuffles uncomfortably.
‘Our country’s diverse and we’ve never been free,
From the lands just over the great deep blue sea.’

‘I’ll add when you talk of the Great British past,
Viking invasions…

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You’re beautiful to me

Your hair always flows like water

You’re beautiful to me

Your smile always brightens up my day

You’re beautiful to me

Your gracious hands always massages my aches and pains away

You’re beautiful to me

Your kind smile soothes away my troubled mind

You’re beautiful to me

Your thoughtfulness never leaves me unprepared

You’re beautiful to me

Your ears are always open to listen to my moans and grumbles

You’re beautiful to me

I will always love you

Because you are beautiful to me


Hello is anyone there?

It’s been a while since I posted, so I don’t blame you if you aren’t. The main reason I have stopped posting is because I have been concentrating on my 1st novel. I say concentrating more like pulling my teeth out, I got struck half way through and be it laziness or writers block I don’t know.

I don’t really believe in writers block, I just think it was laziness on my part if am honest. If you have to write, you will write no matter if it’s good or not, just write and the rest will take care of itself.

Anyway because I am on here every other day, reading other blog posts, I would like to still keep posting stuff. It won’t be short stories any more, that takes to much time and effort. What it will be though are poems, or just thoughts.

I find somehow, I can write a short poem in 5-10 minutes and think nothing of it. So until I finish this novel, that’s what you will be seeing on here more often than not.

Love and Peace


I’ve Had a Crazy Writing Idea

Good Idea

Nascent Aspirations

I was struck by an idea the other day. Its one that’s been niggling at my mind for quite a while, not fully formed, never quite coming to the surface. Essentially, I would like to try developing a writing universe, and open up that universe for submission for anyone that’s interested, for any medium of stories – flash, shorts, novellas, novels, whatever. I, or some group of people, would retain veto / acceptance control over the stories, but anyone would be free to submit. For the techies out there, the domain would basically be open source.

Such a universe would be broad in its scope, and would be founded on an interesting setting with diverse groups and organizations that writers could take and build upon, to flesh out with meat and bones, so they become real, and not just ideas. This happens all the time with game universes, movie tie-in…

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